Our Mission
Our Need:

For many years, Summit High School has consistently produced alumni who have moved on to become valued members and leaders of their communities and professions.  To date, alumni have maintained ties with SHS and each other only informally -- through family connections, through individual athletic programs which foster mentoring of SHS student athletes by SHS alumni athletes, and through fellow classmates with independent reunions and informal get-togethers.

Fostering a meaningful connection between alumni and SHS will present opportunities for Summit area charities and clubs to seek support from alumni, and opportunities for SHS to tap a vast resource of alumni talent to mentor SHS students not just in athletics, but in the fields of music, performing arts, visual arts, sciences, literature, journalism, industrial arts, etc.

Our Mission:

To establish a formal SHS alumni outreach program in order to establish and strengthen ties between SHS alumni and Summit High School.  The cornerstone will be an annual weekend, hosted by SHS and the Summit Community, of sporting, entertainment, social and educational events to entice SHS alumni of all ages — from college students through the class of 1955 — to return to Summit to experience the best of what SHS and Summit has to offer.  And in doing so, reconnect with classmates, teachers and the Summit community.   We envision current SHS students and Summit residents also enjoying the weekend of events, strengthening the support that SHS enjoys from the community.

The weekend of events is intended to appeal to the broadest range of people, from the perspective of both age and interests.  Towards that end, we will encourage all SHS departments to showcase their talents so that the weekend includes sporting events, art shows, choral performances, band/orchestra performances and recitals sponsored by SHS.  On a community-wide level, we will encourage Summit area clubs and organizations to sponsor activities or events during the weekend to showcase the resources of Summit and broaden the appeal of Hilltopper Alumni Weekend.